OrangeMath Tutoring

Instilling a love of mathematics in South Florida's youth!


To provide free, high quality math tutoring to underprivileged students across South Florida


As high schoolers interested in math, we understand the importance of math for academic successes.


We have developed a curriculum that fits the Florida standards and fill the gap in kindergarten - 5th grade education

Our creed

OrangeMath Tutoring believes that a strong foundation in mathematics is crucial for later academic success and the pursuit of STEM careers by youth. Indeed, David Wilson of the Harvard Ed. Magazine confirms that math literacy is the foundation for many 21st-century careers. In order to provide this foundation, our mission is to provide math tutoring services to several locations across South Florida, with our primary focus being low-income areas inhabited by underprivileged students. In that spirit, OrangeMath Tutoring is also devoted to raising funds for local elementary schools to obtain much needed school supplies. Reach out to us today to bring OrangeMath Tutoring's services to your location!

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